sooooo happy….

Well, as you can see by the title of this blog I am a very happy man this afternoon.  My wife and baby girl are now back safe and sound after a visit to West Virginia!!!

This afternoon I have greatly enjoyed catching up with Erin and getting lots of kisses from Maeven, as well as giving some raspberries!  Maeven was also very glad to see the dogs as she petted them and had some very funny conversations with Angel that I didn’t understand, but they both seemed to enjoy.  So glad to have my girls back!


One thought on “sooooo happy….

  1. Yeah! My husband travels frequently and so the family is always so happy to see him when he returns. Next week he leaves Mon-Wed to Idaho. Then home for a week and then the next week he heads to Washington state. he usually returns during the evening after the kids are in bed. When they wake in the morning and exclaim DADDY and run for hugs and kisses, it’s so joyful. 🙂

    (although, my 8 year old is more discreet now, hey dad.)

    Lake Forest, CA

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