wrapped around her finger…

Tonight, I had the opportunity to put my beautiful girl to bed for the evening.  We are taking Maeven to Shriner’s Hospital in the morning  to meet with the doctor about her legs and to see if she may need braces to help her start walking and straighten her legs.   So with all that going on I was happy to get to give her a bottle of milk and rock her to sleep.  It’s during this time when I get to have my nightly prayers with her and pray for her.   So tonight we of course prayed for her doctor’s visit that all would go well, for a goodnight’s rest, and that she would come to know Christ at an early age.


After we said our prayers and finished the bottle came one of my favorite parts of the night.   Maeven puts her bottle down and grabs my shirt to pull herself up to lay her head on my shoulder.  From their we rock, until hopefully she falls asleep.  That is the plan, but sometimes her stinker side comes out and sleep doesn’t come so easily.  Tonight she kept squirming and trying to talk instead of falling asleep.   So, I looked her in the eye and said, “Maeven you need to go to sleep, and I love you very much!”  She broke into a big smile and looked me in the eye and said “Daaa-dee!”   At that moment, my heart melted and she could have stayed up all night talking and calling me daddy.

I love my girl so much and am so thankful for her.  Please join us in praying that she will have a good appointment at Shriner’s tomorrow and that even if she does need braces it will be nothing major.  Thanks so much for your prayers!


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