no braces needed!!!

This morning we took Maeven to her appointment at the Shriner’s Children’s hospital in Lexington to find out if she needed braces to help strengthen her little legs.   After a short night of little sleep and lots of worry, Erin and I said a family prayer and headed out about 7 this morning.  When we arrived Maeven was excited to see that they had a big play room where there were lots of toys.   She especially had fun in the little tykes car that she was able to drive!


We finally got back to the room where Maeven was able to visit with the doctor.   Once there we walked here around  so they could observe how she attempted to walk and then they examined her feet and legs.  The whole time I must say that we were amazed at how well she did while being handled and made to walk. I would have bet anything that there would be a meltdown, but she was a sweet heart and let them do all they needed to check up.

The doctor told us that basically her ligaments haven’t full strengthened yet, but not to be worried.  He said he saw nothing deformed or really to worry about.  Basically that as she becomes more motivated to walk she will begin to try harder and more often.  As for her left foot that turns out pretty badly, once again he said that it just needed strengthening.  The doctor said unless Maeven starts to regress or the foot doesn’t start to correct itself by the time she goes to kindergarten not to worry.

While nothing with Maeven was life threatening or had her in pain, there was a huge sense of relief for Erin and I to hear that she was developing fine and that walking would just take a bit more time.  God definitely answered our prayers and we have a happy pain free little girl!

We had a few errands to run after the doctor’s appointment and after an early morning Maeven made it through lunch and passed out for the rest of the ride home.   So great to see our sweet girl sleeping peacefully and pain free!


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