seven checkpoints….

Today I had the opportunity to do some studying and get prepped for our after school Bible study at Lee County High School tomorrow.  We have slowly been going through Andy Stanley’s The Seven Checkpoints Every Teenager Should Know over this school year.  Currently, we are on the Sixth Checkpoint which is Ultimate Authority.   This section deals on how God is in control of all people with authority and how only through God’s ultimate authority do we have true freedom.   We have been looking at how most teens feel that God only is about rules and regulations and don’t realize He truly wants to make them free.

It’s been very interesting doing this study with teens and discussing how often our view of authority figures distorts for us seeing God as authority.  When discussing this with teens who have issues with parents and teachers and so on the discussions can be quite eye opening and intense.

Today as I prepared for this weeks lessons, I realized that it will be one that could be pretty intense as we talk about how our attitude towards those God has in authority over us is ultimately a reflection of our attitude to God and His ultimate authority.   So often we blame those in authority over us for all of our problems and give them little to no respect.  Yet, even if we disagree with them, they are who God has placed in those roles in our lives.   The example of teens being disrespectful when you are preparing a teen Bible study always pop into your mind, however, there is so much truth for myself as an adult too.

One of the great things about studying the Bible is no matter what age group you are preparing the study for you can always find convicting and challenging lessons for yourself.  As I have been working through the 7 Checkpoints that’s been the case in my life.  I highly recommend this study if you work with teens or if you just want a basic refresher on common truths that really will make a difference in your walk with Christ!


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