a fun day in the ball pit…

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This morning we had some time off from the missions conference and decided to take Maeven out for some fun before her afternoon nap.  We found a place near where we are staying called Totter Otter’s, at least that is what I think it was called.  Anyways you pay for your toddler to go in and their are all kinds of fun stations with various things for them to do.  There was an animal hospital section where they could play doctor on stuffed animals and some live animals were in a display case for them to watch.  Maeven especially loved seeing the bunny rabbit.

In another section there was a grocery store with little plastic fruits and veggies as well as lot of boxes of food, and a check out counter that made noises.  We kept Maeven away from the water toys section as we knew there would be a very wet little girl if we went there!

By far Maeven’s favorite part of the day was when we took her to the ball pit.  As they multicolored little balls surrounded her she hopped up and down squealing with delight.  Even all the other wild little kids jumping around her didn’t intimidate her.  She had a blast as I picked her up and gently dropped her!

From the ball pit we took her to a tube slide that she rode for the first time.  I carried her to the top and Erin waited on her at the bottom. The look on her face was a cross between sheer enjoyment and sheer terror.  She finally realized it was fun and went down several more times!

Over all Totter Otters was a great time for Maeven!


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