surviving ikea…

Today, we awoke bright and early to make the short pilgrimage from where we are staying to the Ikea just north of Cincinnati.   Once again I was overwhelmed and glad that I didn’t have a much money to spend.  Every time you turn a corner you see something that would just work perfect in your house.   I had to laugh as I walked through the store, thinking back to the Valentine’s episode of “30 Rock” about how Ikea is where relationships go to die because all the choices bring distress to relationships.   While it was a joke on the show, there is an element of truth as I saw several heated discussions taking place throughout the store.

The good thing about Ikea that we enjoyed was the family friendliness.  Today was kids eat free day and so we were able to get breakfast for Maeven.  Even the shopping carts and bigger carts were family friendly for hauling Maeven through the store.  And even though it was a sales ploy being able to find a cheap cute stuffed animal near the beginning of the store to help keep Maeven occupied was a great help.

In the past I have been to Ikea many times and gotten held up looking at al the things I thought I needed, but today we were on a mission.  We were there to get another crib/toddler bed to help move Maeven into so that Judah will be able to have her crib eventually.  We were able to find a very nice little crib that will convert into a toddler day bed eventually at a great price.  When we went to check out we signed up for a free rewards card (like a Kroger plus card) and got a very helpful $20 off of the bed.

All in all it was a very fun and efficient trip and my dear sweet wife is already making plans to return this summer!


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