sick baby girl…

For the past three days our baby girl Maeven has been sick with some sort of a virus that has made her feel totally miserable. When we returned home on Thursday night from our time at the missions conference Maeven wasn’t feeling well and her temperature quickly spiked to around 103. We tried to make her as comfortable as possible and bring her temperature down with a cool bath and tylenol but that would only work for short spurts of time as she was up and down most of the night crying in pain.

On Friday, Erin and my Grandpa Cramblet took her to the doctor and we expected to hear that she was having a bad ear infection, but Maeven’s doctor said that it’s some sort of virus. He also said that all we could really do is keep giving her tylenol and rest until the fever breaks and the virus passes.

Unfortunately that has still not happened. We were up most of the night last night with a very feverish and fussy little girl. Today she started the day well, but has had in and out times of happy and then feverish mess. Currently she’s sleeping and has been waking up occasionally crying.

We are praying that tomorrow the fever will have broken, she will start eating more, and our happy little girl will return. I hate to see her in such a sad and painful state.


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