spending the day w/ Maeven…

This morning we awoke to a slightly less feverish but still a very sick little girl.  With her being under the weather still Erin went to church while I stayed home and held Maeven on the couch as she whimpered and watched cartoons.  We watched the Southland Hour church service together and the first two praise songs they sang were upbeat and Maeven came to life clapping and bopping a little, but but for some reason the slower worship song sent her into tears.

After a short nap, Maeven awoke in time to catch the end of the Kentucky basketball game with me.   It’s tough to beat watching the Cats pull out a victory while having a very cuddly Maeven that just wants to be held.  When Erin came back from church Maeven perked up and let Erin feed her a little more before she got down and had a big time practicing her walking and playing with our schnauzer Nixie.

About 4pm Erin was getting sleepy and Maeven’s short burst of energy was starting to fade as her sickness started ramping up again.  So we hung out on the on my big chair and played iPhone games together.   As she played the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star game began to fade again and didn’t take to kindly to the Rock Star Mickey app taking her picture as seen below.


We finally put Maeven in her crib to hopefully sleep for the night and wake up feeling better.  I was sad to miss church today, but the time I was able to spend just being there and caring for my baby girl I wouldn’t trade for anything.  I know that God has blessed my life in many many ways, but to be a dad to Maeven and soon Judah, that’s the biggest one.  I just pray she feels well soon, I miss her little laugh and fussy face!


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