a snow day to catch up…

Monday’s at the Rec Center are usually pretty hectic with trying to clean up and recover from the busy weekend, as well as get ready for the week ahead.   Besides getting ahead and catching up, Mondays also are busy with after school bowling league and homeschooling our student.  Today however, I awoke to a very nice surprise….snow!

With the snow, came a text that school in Lee County had been cancelled and when there is a snow day there is not teaching or after school leagues.  And while I do love those ministries after a week away at the missions conference, I really needed a day to catch up on lots of stuff.   I was able to get lots of office work like updating the website and making billing invoices for food orders completed as well as work on studies for upcoming Bible studies and FCA.

God is always giving me so much to be thankful for, but days like today are a huge blessing.  When life gets hectic and looks even more hectic in the future, snow days like today are a blessing to be able to breath, get caught up and even get ahead.   I am truly thankful for my snow day, and maybe even secretly wishing it will be cold enough that their will be no school tomorrow as well!


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