time to start packing…

It’s always funny and sudden how things you thought you had a long time to prepare for creep up on you.  As Erin and I began thinking about heading to the doctor later this week for her weekly baby check up we realized, we are at the state where we had best pack our bags in case we are sent on to the hospital.   Hospital?? It can’t be that soon already can it?  We were supposed to have nine months, weren’t we?

As things stand today we are scheduled to have our son Judah Andrew arrive by c-section on March 19th. However with him weight nearly 10 pounds and three weeks ahead of schedule, plus momma having lots of back pain we realize we could be heading in at an moment to have our boy arrive.  And with that possibility we hadn’t got a thing ready at the house or for the trip to the hospital.

So over the past few days Erin has been working on gathering stuff for both the in-laws who will be staying at our home and also for us to take to the hospital.  She’s also compiled a list of things that each of us has to do before we head out.  And since we can’t guarantee  that we will make it till the 19th, I’m supposed to have my stuff done by this Friday just in case.

So better late than never, we are packing and getting things ready.   I can’t wait to meet my son and pray that we get all the list’s chores accomplished and bags packed in time!


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