March is madness….

March Madness is in full swing with the NCAA basketball tournament starting up this weekend.  Even now I am sitting here watching my beloved Kentucky Wildcats whipping up on the Iowa State Cyclones.  And while I am thoroughly enjoy the way UK is playing, this blog post isn’t going to be about basketball, but rather the chaos and craziness that has been going on with Judah’s pending arrival.

On Friday afternoon we went to Richmond, KY for Erin’s final doctor check up before the c-section.  As we have done on the last couple of visits we packed up all our stuff for a hospital stay into the van and also made sure Maeven was well looked after in case they sent us on to Pattie A. Clay.  At the doctors office though they decided that everything looked well enough for us to wait until Monday.

We had been told that we were going to have to drive back to Richmond today to register and get some tests done before Erin check’s into the hospital on Monday.  Thankfully Erin’s dr’s office was able to talk the hospital into letting us register last night, sparing us another trip today.   Registering at the hospital was interesting as we had to go up and down different floors dealing with everyone from the registry people, to the lab, the labor floor, and then back down to registry again.  No complaints though as we were both very thankful to just get everything taken care of last night.

Erin and I also went out for one last date dinner before Judah’s arrival as we enjoyed some good bbq at Sonny’s, which is one of our favorite spots to eat.  After dinner we realized our cupboards were pretty bare at home and we needed to get some groceries for Erin’s mom Cathy as she stays with Maeven this week.   So a trip into the depths of Walmart was deemed necessary.   If you’ve never been in the Richmond Walmart it is truly a cross cultural experience that everyone should have to experience at least once in their lives!

Today has been a low key day of just getting things ready around the house for Judah’s arrival.  We had been given a tricycle for Maeven that I put together.  For being such a small thing of plastic and some screws, it was one of the most frustrating assemblies I have ever experienced.  I even tweeted about how I had philosophy classes in college that were easy to understand and complete.   After the exhausting tricycle assembly I ventured into assembling a Burley Bee child cart that attaches to the back of my bicycle.  This summer one of our goals is to really concentrate on being a healthier family.  So while we ride bikes this summer the kids can come along.

In the afternoon we ventured over to Youth Haven Bible Camp where we walked around the camp just to get some exercise, say hi to some people we haven’t seen in awhile, and let Maeven have fun practicing walking on the soft grass of the camp softball field.  She had a blast getting to see other kids and have the freedom of exploring.  With all the walking she had no problem falling asleep tonight!

So here I am knowing that in less than 48 hours our lives are once again going to be forever changed with the arrival of our son Judah.   We have one more day to try and get everything ready before we head to the hospital and hopefully not forget anything.  I can’t wait for Monday to get here!!!!


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