a sweet big sister…

Last summer when we found out that we were expecting baby #2 we were very excite, but also wondered how Maeven would react to another baby in the house.   Over the next 9 months Erin bought a couple of baby dolls to hopefully ease Maeven into sisterhood.  The not so life like Cabbage Patch doll was a pretty good hit that she loved to cuddle with.  The realistic looking baby boy doll, not so much as Maeven had more fun saying “no” and throwing it.   As we moved towards Judah’s arrival we were not to sure about how things were going to go with the big sister.

a so-so introduction to baby brother...

Yesterday when Maeven saw Judah for the first time she seemed happy to meet him and really wanted to touch him.  Unfortunately it was shortly after Judah’s circumcision and he was in no mood to be touched.  So when Maeven leaned in and touched his face he cried. Judah’s crying scared Maeven and she started wailing and had a major meltdown.  Day 1 was only a semi success.

Today, Maeven came back with Grandma Cathy and we were apprehensive about how things were going to go.  Our fears were quickly relieved as Maeven climbed up on Mommy’s bed and leaned in to touch Judah and give him a kiss.  As Erin asked where Judah’s nose, ears, and eyes were she smiled and pointed to each.  When Grandma and Pop were holding Judah she came up to them and started motioning that she wanted to hold him.  So they lowered Judah down and she leaned in to give him a big hug!

a hug from Big Sis!!!

Our fears have definitely been relieved and while we now their will be some brother sister battles in the future, we know Maeven will be an awesome big Sis!

checking out baby brother's toes


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