back at the home place as complete family…

We are praising God today as both Erin and Judah were doing well enough that the hospital let us come home a day early!  When Maeven was born in 2010 we had issues with jaundice and other things that kept us at the hospital for over five days.  Thankfully that was not the case this time.

We finally left the hospital around noon today and after getting some prescriptions filled and some groceries made it home a little after 2 pm.  Maeven and Grandma Cathy were waiting on us and we could tell that Maeven was excited to have us at home.  She kept coming up and trying to touch Judah while very softly saying “hi!”  Later in the afternoon Grammie Dawn came over and multi-tasked holding Judah while letting Maeven play on her iPhone.

Tonight as I sit here writing this blog, it’s still hard to believe how much God has blessed me in past few years.   In a matter of just a little over three years I have married my beautiful wife and now have been blessed by with two beautiful children.   God is so awesome and good, and I can’t begin to thank or praise Him enough!


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