when all else fails there is house hunters…

Tonight Erin and I are alone with the kids for the first time since coming home with Judah from the hospital.  For the past week we have been blessed to have my awesome mother-in-law staying with us helping with Maeven and tons of other stuff around the house.  While some guys may complain about mother-in-laws mine has been a total blessing to us through this time of chaos and adjustment.  Now that she has gone home though we are alone with the kiddos tonight!

After watching another Mickey Mouse Club House we put Maeven to bed and listened to her talk and sing to herself for awhile over the baby monitors.  Then we both collapsed on to couches to play with Judah and really just sorta veg out after a very long week.  I quickly realized that there really aren’t a lot of choices on tv tonight.  So, when all else fails we return to our old standby House Hunters.  For some reason we can sit hear at any time and get ideas for our home and have fun getting aggravated with how picky  and well just dumb some people are.    People really need to realize paint color is not that hard of a thing to fix!   And these houses you are looking at were not built specifically for you!

Anyways, enough of that, more than anything wanted to let you know that even though things here are sorta dead tonight, we are doing well and are surviving being back home!

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