all of creation….

Today, Maeven and I went to church together for the first time since Judah’s arrival.  Judah and Mommy stayed home since we didn’t think it was quite time to introduce him to a bunch of people yet as his little immune system is developing.

a sad little singer

On the way to and from church I let Maeven listen to one of her favorite cd’s, no not the Veggie Tales cd, but a Mercy Me cd.  While she enjoys most every song on the cd her personal favorite is All of Creation.  Whenever that song starts to play she starts bobbing her head, clapping and singing the song the best that she can.  Even when she has had a rough morning in the nursery by taking a little fall that song cheers her right up and she gets into it.  Her favorite part of the song is where she sings the Oh oh oh’s.  I can look back at her and see her making the oh sound and straining her little neck to sing as loud as she can.

As I listened today to the words of the song several times about all of creation giving praise to God, it made me happy to think that my daughter is doing just that.  She’s not letting the fact that mommy wasn’t with her today or that she wasn’t feeling the greatest stop her from singing praise to God.  I know you may not think she might not know that she’s praising God, but she’s back their giving it her all and I think that God delights in that.   It’s also an encouraging lesson for me that no matter what is going on in my life I need to praise God with all that I got.  Not be afraid to sing out at the top of my lungs or cry out in praise.   He does truly deserve the praise of all of creation!


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