late nights with Judah…

Shortly after Maeven was born I wrote a blog about how blessed I was to spend time putting her in her cradle at night and to pray for her.  For the past few nights Erin and I have been taking shifts with Judah.  I will stay up the first part of the night doing feedings and changings and then half way through the night we switch with Erin taking the early morning shift.

With Erin and Maeven sleeping soundly usually it’s me and Judah in the living room waiting on those three hour feedings and as needed diaper change times to arrive.  Much like that alone time with Maeven, I have really enjoyed my time with Judah as an early time to bond with him, but more importantly to spend time in prayer.  A time to pray about Judah’s life and the directions that God is going to take him.  To pray about safety and guidance for Judah.  And most importantly praying that Judah will come to know Christ as his Savior at a an early age and go on to do great things for God.

As I look at the lives of students that we have worked with or are working with and see all those areas that they are struggling with.  The temptations, struggles, and sins that seem to overwhelm them at such a young age.  When I think of those things are issues that both Maeven and Judah will one day have to face, it scares me to death.   Yet, I know my God is all powerful and can protect them from whatever this world throws at them.   And knowing this makes my late night times of prayer with Judah and the times of prayer with Maeven all the more important.  Nothing is more important than seeing them accept Christ as Lord and Savior.   Until that day comes I will treasure every opportunity late or early in the day to pray for them!


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