baby accessories are going to kill me…

From the time I was 14 all the way through the present I have held various jobs where I have had to learn various skills that while I am by no means a professional at, I was able to figure out enough to get by.  When I worked for an electrician I learned how to put together electrical service boxes for houses and trailers.  While working as a laborer for a masonry company I learned how to make mortar, grout, and do various other masonry tasks.  In college and while working at Moody I learned how to put together fitness equipment, set up and run various sporting events, fix scoreboards, basketball goals, and even set up a soccer field.  All these things were out of my common realm of knowledge, but I was able to learn how to do each of these tasks.

When Maven was born, most of the baby stuff that we were bought or given was already put together.  However, with the addition of Judah we have had to get various new things to either accomodate him or him and Maeven.   So far I have put together a tricycle, car seat, part of a double jogging stroller, night stands, and still have a crib to go.  I am sure I am forgetting some things as well.  The difference between these tasks and the jobs I have worked in the past, besides the fact the jobs paid, is that these “simple” little baby tasks are about to kill me.  They say men are bad about trying to figure things out without looking at directions.  Unfortunately for me I study the directions carefully and still can’t figure out things outs.  The simple little tricycle that was supposed to be a 20 minute job lasted almost 2 hours.

As I sit and stare at the boxes that contain the rest of the stroller and a crib, I am realizing that one shouldn’t pray and ask for patience.  Whenever you pray for patience you always get something from God where you get the chance to practice that patience you asked for.   My lesson right now in patience is in my baby accessories.  Who would have thought when I was working in the hot sun doing masonry work that that job would be less frustrating than putting together baby stuff….

One thought on “baby accessories are going to kill me…

  1. Funny! Baby stuff can be frustrating. I am so thankful that I have a husband that can do it for me, because my poor babies would have had nothing were it left to me! Though I did put together the baby swing for my 4th out of desperation when my husband was on a 3week overseas business trip and I was home with 3 children ages 6-11 and one baby who was 3 weeks old! Anyway, my husband is teaching my oldest (14) how to ‘do’ the baby stuff, among other things. He has successfully, with his father’s direction, put together two cribs, a baby swing (the one I did needed re-assembly when we moved), he always puts together the playpen(s) (we have two little ones now) anytime we’re traveling, a laundry center, and has replaced the ‘guts’ of a toilet tank. Not bad for a 14 yo boy. I keep telling him his future wife is gonna love his skills! LOL

    I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing!

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