back to a love hate relationship…

With spring arriving early this year, I am back to one of my old relationships that I both love and hate at the same time….mowing.  This year more than ever I am conflicted over this relationship as i have gone from having to mow one acre to mowing three.  While mowing is very time consuming and draining, part of me really likes it.   While mowing I am able to have some time to process what all is going on in my life, spend time in prayer, and listen to some music.

This year even getting started with mowing and yard care has been more of a challenge than usual. I went to start my riding mower only to discover the battery was dead.  I went to start my weed eater only to find it was really messed up.  Finally my push mower seemed to be working ok, but I found out an hour into mowing that my gas cap was cracked and leaking gas as I mowed.  So, I bought a new battery, had to get a new primer bubble and carburetor on the weed eater, and hopefully tomorrow getting a new gas cap.   It looks as though things for the mowing season are starting to fall into place.

Tonight I took my riding mower out for the first time and mowed the majority of my yard.   While I did have many other things I needed to be doing, I really did enjoy my hour of riding and working on my yard.  The time of thinking and reflection while also seeing something visibly accomplished was very relaxing to me.  So, while I know there will be times I am going to hate the time consuming and overheating mowing, I am looking forward to it at the same time….I know…I’m weird like that.

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