urgent call to all sponsors….

It’s that time of year again, the time of year where we are starting to get our students ready to attend FCA Leadership Camp at Campbellsville University.  This year’s leadership camp will be held the last week of June.   The cost of camp is $225 a student which is quite a lot for our local students.   So this year we are not only trying to raise funds to help pay for our students to go to camp, but also trying to make sure we are only taking students who are serious about being leaders at their schools.

Each student that we take is required to write us a one page paper telling us why they want to go to leadership camp and how they envision themselves being a leader at their school during the next school year.  The students are also required to help us through various fundraising activities such as sharing with local churches about camp and also a dessert auction we are holding at the Rec Center on April 21st.  Next, each student is required to participate in a weekly Bible study that we will be holding from the time school lets out on May 4th until we head to camp at the end of June.  Lastly, each student is committing to be on a leadership team for the 2012-2013 school year where they will help plan and lead FCA huddles, outreach events, and Bible studies.

This coming week the students who want to go to camp have to take the first step by turning in their papers on why they want to go to camp and how they will be a leader in their schools.  By next Friday, I will know for sure how many students will be going to camp with us.  We are anticipating between 6 and 8 students to attend.

At FCA Leadership camp the students are challenged and trained in how to share their faith boldly in their schools.  Various speakers including several college athletes will be sharing their testimonies and giving hands on training to our students.  Towards the end of the camp our students are even sent out to do door to door evangelism in Campbellsville as training.   It is a truly wonderful time where many of our students will get the grounding and solid teaching/challenge that they need to be bold in their faith.

So how can you help us?  If you are willing to sponsor a student or some of a student’s cost to go to camp that would be a tremendous blessing.  Also, if you live near our area we would be more than willing to come share with your church about an opportunity for them to partner with us in taking kids to go to camp.  If you have any questions I am also attaching a pdf to the blog that gives the full details of what is going on at camp.   Thank you so much for your time and I pray that you will pray about how you might help send our students to leadership camp this summer!

FCA Leadership Camp 2012 flyer


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