This afternoon my beautiful wife Erin brought Maeven and Judah over to the Rec Center to visit me while I was working.  Maeven really loves to visit, because she gets to enjoy ice cream but also she loves to practice her walking and running all over the Rec Center.  Usually at some point though she gets mad at me because I won’t let her run down the oil covered bowling lanes.

Today though, Erin brought a bottle of bubbles, which Maeven had never seen before.  So we went out on the Rec Center porch and blew bubbles that she had a blast toddling after while trying to catch them.  When I put the lid on the bottle she came up to me and pulled on my arm until I opened them up and started blowing bubbles again.  She again toddled after them, laughing the whole time.

Even though it was such a simple little thing with a $1 bottle of bubbles, it was one of those moments as a dad that I cherish.  Just getting to watch the joy in my child’s face as she experiences something new and fun is so special.  I love being a dad, or as my daughter says being a “Daaahdee!”


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