last days of jr. bowling league 2011-2012…

This week we are finishing up our last two days of our after school junior bowling league. Both today and on Thursday our students will win various participation and scoring awards as we recognize their growth and dedication as bowlers.  This year over 100 students haveparticipated at various times in our bowling league, giving us a great opportunity to not only grow bowlers but at the same time build relationships and share Christ.  Many of our students come from rough home situations and rarely get the attention and love they are shown at the Rec Center.  Please pray for our students throughout the upcoming months of summer, that the seeds that were planted during the school year will grow and that many students will accept Christ as their personal savior. Also pray for us that we will be able to keep connected to our students and to continue to share the love of Christ with them.  Pray that they will come back to our Jr. Bowling League in the fall!   God is doing some amazing things through this after school ministry and we pray that it will keep growing and bearing fruit!


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