Today Erin and I attended the funeral of Julia Brandenburg, they eight year old daughter of our friends and co-workers Scott and Amy Brandenburg.   For the past several months Julia had been battling an inoperable brain tumor and this past Monday went to be with the Lord.   Over the past few months the strength and faith that God was in control has been amazing to see from her parents as I can’t even begin to imagine the hurt, pain, questions, and loss that they were and are dealing with.   Even today at the funeral Scott passionately  share about how the family wanted the funeral to be used to praise God and see many come to know Christ.

As I sat there in the funeral and at the graveside I reflected on how many lives this precious little girl had touched in what we think was such a short life.  I also began to think about whether I would have the strength to praise God and trust in His greater plan if that were one of my children.   The only answer I can come up with is I don’t know, but I hope so.

Every night I pray for Maeven and Judah that they would come to know Christ as personal savior at an early age and that they would do great and mighty things for His Kingdom.  Both Erin and I have prayed and given our children to God to use for His Will.  But, what if His will is through loss of pain?  How will I respond to that?  I thank God for the testimony of the Brandenburgs and pray that know matter what God has for my children that I will show that much faith and trust in His Holy Will.  I also thank God for Julia’s impact and testimony, and pray that I will live my life to have as much of an impact as she did for Christ.


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