why so unhappy???

In recent months I have noticed something sad among many of my fellow believers…a lack of true joy.  Whether that lack of joy manifests itself as grouchy, angry, or just plain old miserable it’s truly a sad thing.   1 Corinthians 10:31 says that whatever we do we are to do all to the glory of God.  How can we have just a lack of joy in our lives with all that Christ has done for us.  How can we complain about the mundane tasks of life and work when we are supposed to be doing everything for the glory of God?  Doing everything as a way to reflect  Him to the world around us?  In Jeremiah 29:11 we read that God has plans for us, plans to give us a future and a hope.   So why aren’t we living as though we believe this?

Today in a staff meeting at KMM, my dad challenged all of us to really look at our ministries.  Are we doing them just to be doing them to the point they are more of a job rather than a tool to share Christ?  Or are we really viewing them as something that is being done to the glory of God?  When I thought about this and at the same time about some people that have popped into my mind who just have seemed so very unhappy lately it really challenged me.  When I look at the Rec Center I want to always see it as a tool that I can use with bowling and the other recreational activities to reach my community for Christ and not just as a place where I am stuck filling hours in the day.  Yes, making pizzas and dealing with the occasional grouchy person can be draining and not always what I envisioned for my life when I was in Bible College.  Yet, I have a duty to do those tasks to the best of my ability to bring glory to God.   And not only that but I need to be happy and joyful about the fact that Christ has chosen sinful me to be His tool to show love and share Him with those I come in contact with.  I have a calling and a gift to share.  As a believer you do too!  So get rid of the frown and the misery, and not to be insensitive but some may need to get over yourself!  Do all that you do for the glory of God!  Reflect the joy you have in Christ well!!


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