pizzas, history lessons, and a frie eating fussy girl…

We often have totally random days here in  our ministry in Kentucky, and today was one of those fast paced days where it seemed like every five minutes something new was going on.  When I got to the Rec Center this morning we had a couple of work crews going working on our bathroom addition.  A group of local contractors were finishing up the plumbing rough in and then some volunteers from one of our supporting churches in West Virginia were busy insulating and starting to hang dry wall.  It has been a huge encouragement to see life in the bathroom addition this week and to know that we are moving closer to the completion of this much needed addition.

Shortly after opening up, we had a special olympics bowling group from Breathitt County come in to bowl and eat pizzas.  It’s always fun to see these “kids” enjoy themselves and have a blast bowling.   While I was busy making the pizzas for special olympic kids, several more orders came in and things really got hopping. Normally, Wednesdays are a bit slower, but this morning was hopping which was a good thing for the Rec Center finances.

In the afternoon, I worked with my homeschool student on trying to finish up some of his classes.   Lee County schools get out on May 4th and so we are working hard to get our student done at the same time.   We have a lot more to do in the next week and a half to get done, so pray for us not only to finish, but to finish well.  We want him to learn and really take in information and be able to apply it to his life in the future.  Mainly, we want the Bible portion of the studies to make a difference and impact him for Christ.  Please pray!

Tonight we went to church and both Maeven and Judah had a great time in the nursery.  Maeven of course loves playing with the other kids and saying her new favorite word, “hello”, to everyone.  By the end of church though it was a little too close to her normal bed time and she started getting a little fussy.   When we didn’t let her stay and play ball like she wanted after service we had to carry a crying little girl.  On the way home I got a sweet tea and fries and Maeven had to have some.  However, she can’t ask yet, so every time she finished one of my fries I would hear a cry from behind me until she got another one.

Judah has had a good night sleeping all the way home from church until about 10 pm tonight.  I can’t believe he is already five weeks old and is getting so big.

Even when days are hectic and as fast paced like today, I am so glad for the family that God has given me.  And I am glad that I get to spend time with them whether they are happy, fussy wanting my fries, or sleeping all sweet and cute.   I am truly blessed!


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