what study Bible do you use???

My wife has said that I have become a collector of Bibles.  I have several different versions that I enjoy reading from and studying.   But when it comes to which one I take with me to church and use for group studies, I really haven’t been able to make up my mind which I prefer.   I do prefer in all of my studies to us the ESV translation as I really appreciate both it’s accuracy and readability.  It’s the study Bible portion that really confuses me as to which I like.

I originally had an ESV study Bible that Erin got me a couple of years ago that I loved.  The problem with it was that it was like lugging a huge piece of luggage around with you.  Great for home study, but not so much for travel to church.  Recently they have came out with a personal sized ESV study Bible and I have been using it for the past few weeks and really like it, but sometimes it’s almost too small of a Bible for taking notes.   I also have enjoyed using the Ryrie ESV study Bible.   While I agree with most of the notes and theology that Ryrie holds to, I often find it frustrating that he doesn’t go into more depth on some challenging scriptures the way other study Bibles do.  I always find myself wanting more from Ryrie’s notes  I do really like the size and ease of carry of the ESV Ryrie study Bible.   The last study Bible I use regularly is my ESV MacArthur study Bible.  MacArthur does a great job of giving me detail

I guess that for the time being I am going to stick with my person ESV study Bible and see if I can get past the lack of note space.   But, what about you?  What study Bible has made the greatest impact on your personal and corporate Bible study?   I’d love to hear your thoughts….s in his notes and also the size of the Bible is not overwhelming to carry.  This may sound crazy, but the thing I don’t like about using my my MacArthur study Bible at church or in other Bible studies is the fact that so many people have them, that when you try to have a discussion, everyone has the same notes they quote.   I like to be able to get a different perspective than the rest of the group had to foster deeper conversation rather than immediate agreement with out discussion.


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