cradle cap…

For the past week or so, Erin and I have noticed that Judah has had some dry skin/rash type stuff on his forehead.  Then in the past weekend it spread into his eyebrows, cheeks, and even a little around his ears.  So today Erin took him to the doctor to make sure he didn’t have any major skin issue.  The good news it the doctor said that it is just cradle cap and that he should be fine with some basic treatments.   The even better news is that cradle cap doesn’t really last past the first four months of life, so this will not be a life long battle for Judah.   Even though this is just a little something it was awesome to see how God has answered prayer and protected our baby boy when we were worried.   I am thankful for my Judah, and so very thankful for my powerful God!


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