slow summer start at the Rec Center…

The summer started early here at the Rec Center in 2012.  With such a light winter weather both schools and our winter bowling leagues were rarely cancelled.  Due to the lack of cancellations both our school system and our bowling leagues finished up at the beginning of May this year.   While students have been rejoicing about being free earlier it has actually caused a bit of a slow down at the Rec Center that we normally don’t experience until later in June and July.

Warm weather and no school means many people are going out of town or are busy doing other things so bowling and working out doesn’t register on their list of priorities which is easy to understand.  However, in order to keep the Rec Center up and going we really need more patrons to come to the Rec Center during the summer months and help us keep things going until school and the winter bowling season start back.

So what can you do to help us.  Well, if you are in the Beattyville area and are looking for something to do come visit us for bowling, games, or our fitness center.  If you are hungry and want to eat out, remember the Rec Center and come get your meal here.  We have a great selection of pizza, sandwiches, and desserts.   Lastly, remember to pray for us through this slow time that financially all our needs will be met  and that people will come in not only to help keep us afloat, but also and most importantly for opportunities to share Christ!


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