my little thief…

One of the running jokes in my house is how Maeven has become our little clepto.  Whenever she stays at grammies we end up with something of grammies in our diaper bag that we discover when we get home.  Usually Grammie finds something of ours that Maeven slips into her house.

Last night as I was sitting on the couch Maeven comes up to me extends her arms and smiles as if to say, “I just want to be with you Daddy.”  Shortly after I picked her cute little self up, I realized she just wanted to steal my iPhone to play games and to steal my water bottle because it’s more fun then her own!

This morning Maeven came running into my bedroom and jumped onto the bed with me.  Rather than just wanting to talk or lay on Mommy’s side of the bed where all of mommy’s blankest and pillows are, she of course began trying to steal the pillows right out from under my head.

Even though my sweet little girl is sweet little thief, as long as she stays this cute she is going to get away with a lot!!!



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