This afternoon I went with my family to Manchester, KY to visit with my extended family.  We had a great time just catching up with them and as usual watching my daughter Maeven be a nut and keep everyone entertained.

On the way over, Erin and I engaged in a conversation about our spiritual gifts and developing them to be used for God’s Kingdom.   One of the things we talked about is being put into situations where our gifts and talents can be developed.  Through the conversation I began to wonder about this whole process.   I know God can use us and develop us anywhere but, are there certain places where we can develop them more.   For instance, can a rough situation where you are not exactly in your “sweet spot” develop your gifts and talents more because you have to be more deliberate in seeking this?   Or can our gifts be developed more when we find that “sweet spot” where we can thrive and get encouragement from others around us?

Just some food for thought I guess.   What do you think…


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