caffeine withdrawals…

Today is my day to write a complaining post.   One of the perks of being a the Rec Center whenever I was tired or not feeling well was that I was able to get my caffeine fix and enjoy some pop or coffee.  However, back at the end of last year I started having health problems and my doctor said no caffeine.  It was a huge thing for me to let go of, but for my own health and well-being I gave it up.   After all there were some caffeine free pops I could still enjoy.   However, on my next visit the doctor informed me that with my condition I shouldn’t have any pop as the carbonation was just as bad for me as the caffeine was.  Immediately I began to shake thinking of never tasting my glorious Dr. Pepper or Ale-8 again.

So today I am here at the Rec Center, and it’s pretty warm.   So with the warmth I am getting people nice icy cold Cokes and various other soda pops.  Yet, I can only shake through my caffeine withdrawals and not enjoy any of that delicious carbonated flavor.   I hope I can remain strong, because the water isn’t cutting it right now!!!


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