thankful for my mom…

Today Erin, our kids, and I took my mom out for lunch for her birthday which was on the 2nd.   And other than Maeven getting pretty loud and us having to shush her a little bit we had a great time.   I am very thankful for another birthday that God has given my Mom, and even more thankful that God gave me such a Godly mother.

When Erin and I visit with supporting churches or potential supporters one thing I always share with them is about how thankful I was to have parents that encouraged me to spend time in prayer and the Bible daily.  Parents that taught me the importance of having a growing relationship with Christ.   My Mom was the one who would check in with me about whether or not I was taking my devotional time and most times the one who would be able to figure out when I was struggling with something and encourage me to honor God no matter what.  That influence has played a huge part in my desire to disciple and work with the teens here, because I know so many of them don’t have the Godly parents that I was blessed with.

So to sum things up, I am so very glad and thankful for the mother God gave me and I hope she has many more Birthdays that we can enjoy with her!


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