a narrow focus…

Last night we held our weekly Bible study for our FCA students who are going with us to Leadership Camp.   Our study was on “Narrowness,” and by this I mean we talked about making sure we have a narrow focus on honoring God in every area of our lives.   We talked about how the Bible says that narrow is the way that leads to life and wide is the path that leads to destruction.   How that when we are totally focused on honoring God with our lives we are going to avoid the pitfalls that our unsaved peers will fall into.   Not only that we are going to live lives that impact others for Christ.  I challenged each of the students to look at their lives and see what they need to get rid of that could be impeding them from having that sole focus on honoring God and to get rid of it.   Not only that, but to also look at their lives and see what areas they need to focus on God more.  The students were very honest and open about how they need to bring God more honor through more time in the Word and prayer, and also even how they react when they are upset or angry with some one.   One student even said that he wants to focus on honoring God more through being deliberate in witnessing.   Please continue to pray for our students as God is really molding them right now.   I know they can do great things for God and am excited to see what God has in store for their lives!


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