They seem to keep coming from everywhere lately not allowing for freedom.  When I think I have them all sorted out, nope here comes another one.   Today is my day to whine in my blog I guess.   I am talking about the bills that just keep coming from the birth of our son.   In just a year and a half its amazing how much more expensive it has gotten to have a baby.   I’ve laid out payment plans with doctors and hospitals and all parties that seem to think that my insurance  didn’t pay them enough, but yet even again today another bill comes in the mail.  It’s like that wee little bit of sunshine of getting out of debt is peaking through when another bill has to make it a rainy day.   I guess one of the biggest frustrations is seeing so many other people that were having babies at the same time as us that aren’t in the same situation.  Yep, you and I both with the aid of the government are paying their bills.  So, why do those of us who are working hard and struggling get the wrong end of this deal….I don’t know one of life’s many mysteries I guess.

Anyways, enough complaining, I know things will work out and God has blessed and met every need we have ever had so I can’t get too discouraged.   I am really just praying for that financial miracle where we can get out from under these medical bills and just live without this added pressure.  I pray that day comes soon.


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