decorating the casa…

We moved into our home in November of 2011.  And with Erin being so far along in the pregnancy with Judah, we pretty much slowly unpacked and the decorating part was put on hold.   Then Judah was born and keeping up with him and Maeven was priority number 1 and decorating was still pushed back for a bit.   This coming week we have family coming for a visit and it has sparked my wife’s inner designer/decorator.

It’s been awesome to see Erin kicked into high gear of getting pictures up and on the walls.  We even did a nature walk at camp the other night so that she could find some leaves to press and then put into frames.   In just a couple of days she even managed to watch kids and paint our guest bathroom.  The woman has been a decorating hurricane for the past week, and I must admit has done an excellent job.

So what is my role in the decorating.  Well, the basement/mancave has been the only area I am allowed to have my own personal touches so a couple of months ago my men eating lunch on the Rockefeller Center pictures went up as well as my Elvis and Johnny Cash memorabilia.   This includes my actual Elvis and Johnny 1955 concert poster.   However, during the hurricane of decorating Erin, my main job has been to hang the larger frames and shelves for Erin.  This is actually something that terrifies me.  I am scared that things are going to hang crooked or fall off and I be the one that gets blamed.  It’s not that I fear Erin, I had this same fear when I lived alone.   So far I am doing good though and have yet to destroy or make things look off center.

How long will the decorating hurricane last, who knows…but I applaud the results!


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