my angel…


When I first got married before the kids arrived one of the things I blogged about quite a bit was my boxer Angel.   Angel has been a great dog.  She is friendly as all get out and just loves to be loved.   However, I must confess in the past 17 months of having two children, my sweet Angel has often gotten lost in the shuffle.  She has been great with both of the kids letting Maeven waller her  and even pull her nubby.  Angel absolutely loves my son Judah and usually is one of the first ones to check on him whenever he cries.   A few months back we even found out she would be a great watch dog and body guard as two other little dogs came in our yard and Angel went ballistic wanting to protect Erin and Maeven.   Unfortunately Angel gets blamed for stuff because she’s the biggest.  And even now as our mini schnauzer is with pups Angel seems to be the dog that gets left out. Even though she can be a klutz sometimes and follow on your heals she is just a great dog.   So, as we reach the middle of the year my middle of the year resolution is that I want to be a better dog owner to Angel.   She deserves more than I have been able to give this past year and so I am resolving to do more walks, more play time and an over all better job of integrating her into our expanding family.   She’s and awesome dog and I want to treat her as such!


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