scramblin’ for the golf scramble…

For the past few weeks I have been slipping away from the Rec Center as time allows to try and get ready for this coming Saturday’s annual Rec Center Golf Scramble fundraiser.   I have been trying to do everything from securing sponsors, working on getting food, to recruiting golfers.   It’s always fun to visit with people and talk to them about being sponsors and a bit nerve wracking trying to be bold in doing so.  To be honest this is one even that I both love and dislike at the same time.

I love the actual event and the day at the golf course.  The guys are great and really have a good time.  They have also been very generous over the years to the Rec Center ministry.   I also love just getting to catch up with many old friends who come to the even and even getting to sneak the food right off the grill. Especially those giant polish sausages.

The part I dislike is a selfish part.  Yep, the fact that I never get to participate!   I love to golf. I am terrible, but I still love to golf.   Usually If I get to play it is at a max of once a year and so when I head to the country club for the scramble and I hear the sweet sounds of the ping of a ball off of drivers it does add a bit of sadness to an otherwise fun event.

So this Saturday I will be at the course all day for what hopefully will be a fun time and very successful fundraiser for the Rec Center.  If you are interested in being a sponsor or participating please let me know asap!


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