splashing with my kiddos…

Last night, I went with Erin and our kids as well as my sister-in-law and nieces to take all the little girls to the local splash park.   While I have never been there before, Erin and told me how much Maeven enjoyed splashing around in the water and just running around chatting with the other children.  As I watched my little girl running around I couldn’t believe how fast she is growing.  Just  three short months ago we were wondering if here legs would straighten out and if she would ever walk correctly.  Now their she is running through water laughing and screaming with enjoyment.   It was also great to see Maeven being able to play with and interact with her Pennsylvania cousins that she doesn’t get to see but a couple of times a year.   Erin and my sister-in-law Beth, had made us a picnic  and so we ate as a group and all the cousins were their dripping wet and laughing as they ate their pepperoni rolls.   My primary functions were picture taker and also helping lift Maeven to the top of the little water slide so that she could scoot down it.   I think if she could take the water slide home with her she would and several times I had to make her get off so that other kids could enjoy it.  While Judah was not old enough to partake in the festivities he did laugh and smile as his sister and cousins were running around him.  Over all it was just one of those simple nights of enjoying my family and once again being reminded by God about how much He has truly blessed me with a great family!


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