would you like to have a missionary come share with your church or small group???

Maeven, Andy, Erin, and Judah Owens

This past weekend with our golf scramble I finally closed one of the busiest seasons of ministry that we have had here with KMM.   Between homeschooling our student at the Rec Center, Lock-In’s, tournaments, and the golf scramble it has definitely been a busy season of ministry here.  Now that hopefully things are settling down for a few months Erin and I are hoping to hit the road some to share about our ministry here in Beattyville.

With economic times being tough and many of our financial supporters being older we have dipped some in our regularly committed monthly support.   So we hope to try and get to as many churches and small groups as we can in the upcoming months to share about what God is doing here in KY.

How can you help us?  Well, I am so glad you asked!   First of all pray for us.  Pray that we will be able to make new contacts where we can share our ministry with individuals, churches, and small groups.  Pray for safety as we travel with our two little ones.  And finally pray that we will be able to get our committed support level up!

The next way that you can help is by possibly getting us the opportunity to share with your churches, small groups, or any individuals that you think my be interested in hearing about sports ministry in rural southeastern Kentucky.  Basically we would just like the opportunity to share our testimonies and how God is working here.  When sharing with a group I never bring up finances unless someone from the group asks. My main goal is to share our heart for the ministry and what God is doing.  Hopefully then someone’s  heart will be moved to get involved either financially or through volunteering with God’s ministry here.

What if I already know my church is unable to financially partner with you?  Another great question!   We honestly would just like the opportunity to share anyways.   Maybe the church as a whole can’t sponsor, but you never know what God might do in the lives of individuals and small groups to get them involved in some way.

So, if you are interest in Erin and I coming to share with you or you know someone one who might be please let us know.   God is dong a great work here in Southeastern Kentucky and we would love for you to be a part of it!!!


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