cute and adorable make for good smiles…

my smiling boy…

My baby boy Judah is a smiler.   From day one he has had a cute dimple in his right cheek and as he has gotten older it has become more and more prominent.   One of his favorite things is for myself and him to have a conversation.   Usually he will start out slowly smiling, but once I ask him if he is cute or adorable he lets out a big giggle and their comes the biggest cutest smile you have ever seen on an infant.

On Tuesday afternoon we took a family grocery and supply trip to Lexington.  Both of the kids did excellent job of going in and out of stores and being happy.  As we were nearing the end of the day we made a quick trip to Target.  Erin took Maeven to look at some shoes while I took Judah to the other end of the store to get some much needed diapers.   On the way he was starting to squirm and get fussy a little bit, so I began one of our conversations getting him smiling.  From their I began singing one of his favorite song choruses “Tell Me Baby,” at which point he let out a big laugh and one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen on him.   I am so thankful to have such a laid back happy little dude for my son!

So, moral of the story, if you see Judah out ask him if he is cute and adorable, or sing the chorus of “Tell Me Baby,” and you will see a big, cute, dimply smile!


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