old memory night…

On Wednesday I had one of those flash back days where you do things that remind you of your childhood.  Growing up I was and still am a huge Elvis fan.  One of the things I always wanted was Elvis sunglasses.  So the other day I found some on eBay dirt cheap and purchased them. When the glasses arrived at the house this evening I had to try them on.  Needless to say my beautiful supportive wife of course laughed at me.   I personally thought I looked awesome.

Growing up at Youth Haven Bible Camp my favorite camp meal was the Friday morning special of Baked Oatmeal.  It’s a great oatmeal cake like meal where you pour hot cinnamon milk on it.  One of our complaints at camp is that the kitchen staff never wanted to give enough of the cinnamon milk. So tonight when Erin made some for supper, I indulged and soaked mine in cinnamon milk.  And it was great.

While doing laundry later in the evening I was once again blasted back into my my childhood.  I watched old episodes of ALF and The Facts of Life.   While both shows were more corny and predicable than I remember, it was just great to be watching them again.

At only 31 years of age I am definitely feeling old , but reminiscing about some fun memories has been nice.  Even if my wife is still laughing at me


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