Maeven and the great pea debacle of 2012…

One of the great things about kids is the funny things they do that make you laugh.  Erin and I have been blessed with two sweet children who bring us lots of joy and while there have been some sleepless nights there has been very little frustration.   My dear sweet daughter Maeven is definitely the character in our family and about two weeks ago went from being cute to scaring her mom to death in just a few short seconds.

For the past couple of months, Maeven has been developing a bad habit of trying to stick small food objects up her nose when mommy isn’t looking.   Most of the time we catch her and gently scold her that she is not to do that.   About two weeks ago, I was grilling some steak for Erin and I to have on  a Saturday night, while Erin was feeding Maeven a small meal of hot dog, potatoes, peas.  Of course Maeven tried sticking a pea up her nose and I heard Erin get on to her and with an emphatic “no.”  Usually that solves everything so I didn’t think to much of it.   I finished grilling my steaks and went into to the living room with a big glass of sweet tea while Erin finished some potato wedges for us to eat with the steak.

While in the living room I heard Erin say “NOOOOO!!!!”   Immediately I hopped up to see what was the matter.   There was my darling daughter with a big smile her face and what appeared to be a big pea jammed partially up her nose.   Little did I know but that was one of three peas jammed into her tiny nostril.   Before we could get it, Maeven pushed the pea further up.   Erin grabbed a kleenex and tried getting Maeven to blow the pea out, but that didn’t work.  We tried tweezers but that only seemed to push the pea up further.

Finally I had the bright idea to get a little mucus bulb that they give you at the hospital to suck snot out of infants.  So we began to use that to try and pull the pea down.  Maeven grew more and more upset.   I even called my dad to help us get this thing out.   Finally, we took her into the living room and turned on “Bubble Guppies” where she would be distracted.   As she laid their distracted on my lap, Erin began trying to suck the pea out once more.  Finally we got it close enough and out with the tweezers.  We began working on pea #2 and after another 20 minutes had it free right before my parents arrived to help.  At that point Erin and I along with grandparents began to look for pea #3.   However, after much searching, it was not to be found.  Our hope is that it eventually made it down the throat, but who knows!

Even though this pea debacle was quite upsetting for Maeven shortly after she was laughing and running in circles for Grammie and Grumpie.   Erin and I decided we are going to hold off on serving peas for awhile and be more careful with any small food objects and our dear sweet daughter!!!


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