dedicating Judah…

Today was a special day for our family as Judah had his Baby dedication at our church, Emmanuel Baptist in Stanton, KY.  During the dedication our pastor addressed the congregation and basically affirmed what Erin and I knew, this wasn’t a baby dedication as much as it was a Family Dedication.  A dedication where we were dedicating ourselves to train up Judah to know who Christ is, how much he is loved by Jesus, and to see us honoring Christ in every area of our lives.   The church also pledged to dedicate themselves to helping us in this task as well.  Erin and I are both thankful for having parents who love the Lord and we wanted to make this public pledge to be parents that point our kids to Christ.  Please pray for us as we try to be Godly parents and leaders for both Maeven and Judah.  Pray that they will accept Christ at an early age and have a growing thriving relationship with Him.  I pray that God will use our children mightily for His Kingdom and can’t wait to see what He has in store for them.


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