body by vi challenge…

Tonight Erin and I signed up for the Visalus, Body by Vi challenge.  Before I tell you about what the challenge is, let me share a little bit about where have found ourselves.   From a personal standpoint I am not where I want to be physically.   The busyness of life and not making sure I eat well and get enough exercise has definitely taken a toll on my body.  Being heavy than I want to be weight wise and having various health issues has really made me want to get a hold of my life physically.  I want to be a healthy dad who is able to play with and enjoy my children through sports and just being able to keep up with them.   I know that Erin feels the same way and so we made a decision that we are going to get healthy.

So this past weekend a friend of ours introduced us to the Visalus, Body by Vi 90 day challenge.   This is a healthy living program designed to help with weight loss and healthy living.  Through shakes and meal supplements combined with exercise and a total lifestyle change we are committing through this challenge to live healthier and lose weight.  I have seen how this program works for others who make the commitment and we are ready to make that commitment  ourselves.  Not only that we are going to be promoting the program and over the next few months I will be sharing with you about our progress and also how you can join us.   Can’t wait to share our journey and invite you to join us to healthier physical living!


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