FCA Leadership Camp time has arrived…

If you pass by the Rec Center early on Thursday morning you will see a big blue van loading up the suitcases and duffles of six teenagers and my family of four.   Hopefully we will be able to fit everyone and their luggage into one van.  Then after goodbyes are said to parents and family we will be off for FCA  Leadership Camp at Campbellsville University.

Our students have worked hard to go to camp and I am very proud of the dedication they have shown.   I know I have asked this over the course of many many blogs this spring and summer, but please pray hard for our students.  Pray that they will take in what they hear about sharing their faith and being bold for Christ.  That they will absorb every bit of Bible teaching that they receive and be excited to share with their family and friends.  Pray for our students as they have to step out this weekend and do door to door evangelism, which is probably outside of most of their comfort zones.

Over the next few days of camp I will be updating this blog about what our students are doing and learning.  I know God is going to use this week powerfully in their lives and I can’t wait to share that with you.  Until then, please pray!


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