FCA Leadership Camp – Day 1

After months of prayer and fundraising today we finally arrived at the FCA Leadership Camp at Campbellsville University.   Actually most surprising for our group was that we made it early and were one of the first groups to get registered and in to our dorms.   If you know our students then you know early is not small task!

Once the students were settled into their dorms, everyone gathered at 3 pm in the University chapel where we had a camp kick off session.  A praise and worship band led the students in a great time of praise.  The students were a little thrown off when the worship leader had them start to sing “Father Abraham” instead of newer song, but he made them all laugh once they were doing the motions and he told them it was a joke.   During the kick-off session the students were put into their huddles (small groups) that they will be doing devotions in and competing in competition with all week.

From the kick-off session the students went into  competition all around the campus.  Some of the students did football and soccer type games, while others did more olympic type of games.  The big hit of the day was “Tube Mania” which is a four team tug of war where when your number is called you compete with four other teams to get the inner tubes across your section of the square.  While very intense the students really seemed to enjoy it.

During the evening meal I was very happy with our two guy students who finished their dinner early and went around carrying the girl students and the adult workers’ trays up to the dish washer.  The literally made laps around the lunch room looking for empty plate that they could return.  It was great to seem the being humble servants!

After, dinner the students went back to the Chapel where they were presented with various buzz groups that they could attend.  Buzz groups are basically mini seminars that they students could choose from on various topics from choosing colleges to recruiting students to come to FCA in their schools.  Other subjects were on things like purity, prayer, and leadership.   The students were able to choose two buzz groups to attend tonight, and will get an opportunity to attend more later in the weekend.

Tonight’s chapel service followed the buzz groups and it was just an awesome time of worship, hearing about what God is doing in lives, and challenging our students.   Jarrod Polson who plays basketball for the University of Kentucky came and shared his testimony with the students.  It was very encouraging to hear about his struggles and his walk with God.   I especially liked how he challenged the students to be diligent in their time in the Word and prayer!

The main speaker tonight, Chris, spoke to the students from Luke 5 and is going to be speaking to them from that chapter all week.  His main point tonight was “too soon it will be too late.”   Throughout the weekend he is going to be speaking to the students about leadership and tonight’s message pertained to before you can be a leader you have to know the “Leader” in Christ.  And if you don’t make that decision to follow Christ too soon it will be too late.   Not only was this message a challenge to any unsaved students who were in attendance, it was also very challenging to us as believers who know Christ that if we aren’t busy sharing Christ too soon it will be too late for many of our friends and loved ones.

When I left our students tonight they were headed to their huddles for a follow up time of discussion about the message and prayer time.  Please continue to pray as God is working in their lives and hearts this weekend.   Today got off to a great start and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the rest of the weekend!

****On a personal note, my wife and kids are also hear with us this weekend and have enjoyed themselves so far as well.  We were blessed to have our own housing quarters to ourselves so we can enjoy the kids without the fear of disturbing housemates!   Maeven also discovered that the University has sprinklers that come on in the evening and that they are lots of fun to run through and get soaking wet!


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