FCA Leadership Camp 2012 – Day’s 3 & 4

*I wrote this blog last night but our power went out so I was unable to finish posting it!

Well, I am now back home and in a little bit of a fog after FCA Leadership Camp.   Yet, even though tired and exhausted I am so thrilled about how God has worked in the lives of our students this week that I wanted to share about it ASAP!

On Saturday, our students were up and at ’em bright and early for devotions and a run.   After breakfast we all gathered in the chapel where we spent a lot of time worshipping int song and prayer.   The morning speaker challenged the students to be bold in their faith once again and not take the short and easy road that life offers.   To develop the fruits of the spirit in their lives and not try to rush for the quick and easy things this life has to offer.

After the speaker finished there was a session on being able to share your testimony with your classmates.  I loved how the speaker broke it down simply for our students.  So often I have seen students struggle to be able to communicate their relationship with Christ and try to make it way to hard of a thing to share.   Hopefully now the students will be able to more clearly and concisely share their testimony.

After lunch the students were divided into groups and sent all over Campbellsville, KY where they went door to door to share their faith with complete strangers.  While I know from doing this in the past how nervous it can make you, I was so proud of how our students all went out and shared.  Some got to share Christ in great detail and others had doors closed in their faces yet still went to the next house to share.  Hopefully, now they will be able to take that boldness and plug it in here at home!  When the students returned from their afternoon of evangelism, we all gathered back in the chapel where various students share about their experiences and we all praised God for the lives that were touched yesterday.  Both those lives that heard the Gospel and for the change it made in those who shared.

Friday night worship service…

Last night, Erin joined the students for chapel while I stayed in with the kids and put them to bed.  While keeping up with Maeven and Judah she hasn’t had the chance to attend the sessions so we wanted to make sure she had that opportunity.   The speaker again challenged the students to develop as Leaders.

This morning after breakfast we loaded up all the students gear in the van which did seem to have multiplied since Thursday morning.   After that we went to chapel where the speaker did an parable using the Wizard of Oz to compare how we stray from studying God’s Word.  While this may sound a little out there, it was excellent and really got the attention of the students.

Following this service the students had a short break where they met with their huddle groups one last time to discuss all they had learned at camp and also spend some time praying together.   At the end of the day it was awesome to see how God had brought our students so close to their huddle partners and leaders.   The fact that they could be involved with so many awesome young people doing things for Christ is a huge thing for our students.

The last thing of the camp was a final chapel service where the students heard a final message on leadership from the main camp speaker.   He used the story of David and Goliath to share with the students about taking the leadership role when others don’t.  He used each of the 5 smooth stones as illustrations for characteristics of a leader.  There is no doubt that our students have heard in these services what a true leader for Christ is!

On the way home tonight Erin and I enjoyed listening to the kids talk about what they learned, friends they met, favorite parts of camp, and much more.  We decided to stop for food at Cracker Barrel where we talked with our students about these details in greater and also set up a time to get together for a planning meeting for how we want to take what the students learned and ideas they gathered and implement them this school year.   I really think after this week that we are moving in the right direction for more student leadership in our LCHS huddle.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported our students financially to go to camp and for everyone who has been praying for them.  Please keep praying for our students as now the hard part has arrived where they are on fire about their relationship with Christ and Satan wants to quench that fire by throwing all kinds of things at them.  Our students want to be leaders for Christ and I have no doubt that He can use them as such!  Keep praying!

Maeven cooling off in the sprinklers at Campbellsville University



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