missing my sick little girl today…

For the past week or so Maeven really hasn’t been herself.  She has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming and really not getting enough rest.   During the day she has had way more meltdowns than normal and with her not being her normal sweet little self it has concerned Erin and I.  On Wednesday evening things started to get bad when in the middle of our Independence Day get together she began to act really pitiful and just want to be held.  Very soon after her temperature spiked.  We gave her some meds to help her make it through the night and on Thursday, Erin took her to the doctor.   Unfortunatley at the time the doctor couldn’t really pin point what was wrong with her.

On Thursday evening from the moment she wen to bed she kept waking up screaming and crying.   Finally, around midnight I got her out of bed and took her to the basement so she wouldn’t wake momma and brother and tried to keep her calm.  I spent most of the night up with a fussy little girl who went from tossing and turning in her sleep to crying loudly, to screaming.  I finally had to get some rest myself and laid her back in her bed where she continued periods of sleep and crying all night long.  By Friday morning when Erin got Maeven out of bed she had random bumps all over and blisters all around the outside and inside of her mouth.   After doing some cyber sleuthing on WebMD  Erin determined  it appears that she has “hand and mouth.”

The good news is that at this stage where bumps are showing means that she is near the end of this and hopefully will feel better soon.  Also the meds that we figured out that she needed are helping her sleep and feel a little better.  She still just really wants to be held while she watches cartoons or talks to you.  This is hard though for Erin with having to keep up with Judah too and with me having to be at the Rec all weekend.   The saddest part for me was last night when I got a phone call that she was calling for me and wondering where I was.   I tried to talk to Maeven on the phone and wish her a goodnights rest, but when your baby girl is sick you just want to be there to hold her.

Because of her condition we are keeping her at home for a few days.  So tomorrow I plan on getting in some quality time with my girl.   In the mean time I am praying she feels better soon and that her little brother stays healthy.   Also trying not to think about her calling for me….


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