figuring out social media for the Rec Center…

Last Monday I had the opportunity to attend another class on using social media websites to promote your business, ministry, or organization.  Last year I also had the opportunity to attend some other classes with my Mom where we learned about ways to promote both the camp and the Rec Center.  After last year’s classes, I was able to get the Lee County Recreational Center, on both Twitter, Yelp, and Urban Spoon.   While a lot of our local patrons don’t use these sites we felt like they might attract outside the area buisness.

This year the class that I attended was much the same.   However, I found out about a sight called that evidently a lot of people are using to plan get aways in our area.  So, I of course made sure to get  us up on this new website asap so that we can have even more online visibility.  The big thing that was pushed in the class that I went to was the importance of getting reviews from customers.  The more reviews and the better the reviews the more various search engines will pick up on you organization/ministry/business, and help promote it.   That is actually the point of the blog that I am writing here today.  We need your help.   If you have visited us at the Lee County Recreational Center please go on sites like Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Google, and TripAdvisor and write a quick review.   During this slow summer season we really need your reviews to help draw out of town tourists to our facility.   So please take a few minutes of your time and give us a good review!!!


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