all smiles after playing fetch..

One of my favorite things to do is play fetch with my dog Angel in the backyard.  Unlike most dogs Angel has very few things she will fetch.  Forget throwing a ball or a stick, it’s not gonna happen.  As a matter of fact there is only one thing she will chase a frisbee ring or as it is sometimes called an aerobie.  She will run like crazy to get it, stick it in her mouth and flip it around her neck before coming back to me.  When she returns we have a little game of tug of war before I can get the ring to throw it again.

Tonight I took Maeven into the yard with me for the first time to join us in our game of fetch.  She thought it was funny and laughed and laughed as Angel would take off running for the ring.   The best part of the night was when Angel decided she had enough fetch and decided to relax in the shade.  At that point I found myself holding the frisbee ring and Maeven looking up at me.  Finally she smiled, pointed to the ring, and said “go go go!”  I know this makes me sound like the worse father ever by treating my daughter like a dog, but I suddenly found myself playing fetch with my daughter instead of my boxer.  She would giggle and take off across the yard doing the diaper waddle as fast as she could to get the ring and bring it back to me.  I found myself laughing and just enjoying the moment.  Even Angel seemed to be smiling.  I love these moments with my girl!


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