a testimony of 35 years…

Grumpie and Grammie enjoying the grandkids…

On July 2nd my parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary.  They were in Michigan at the time and so we were unable to celebrate it with them.  So this afternoon we gathered together to enjoy some cake and ice cream and celebrate their anniversary.  It was great to spend time celebrating with them and watching them enjoy time with us, the grandkids, and extended family.   Maeven especially enjoyed being able to “go go go” with Grammie and Grumpie as well as all her great aunts and uncles.

I am very thankful for my parents and the testimony that their 35 years of marriage has been to me and so many others.   In a world where 50% of all marriages end in divorce, even “Christian” marriages, to see two people that God has brought together still going strong and loving each other is a huge testimony.   Growing up I know that they didn’t always agree with each other and their were times where they were definitely on different pages.  Yet even in those times they were still a great witness to all those around them of what a Godly couple should be.  They never argued in front of us kids and they never contradicted what the other one said to us as parents.  Above all, they let us know that God was at the center of their relationship and when always encouraged us that that should be true of our relationships.

As I look forward to my future with my wife and children, I am so thankful for the Godly example that my parents set for me to follow.  I have truly been blessed and wish my parents many many more years together knowing they will continue to be an example to all of a truly Godly marriage.


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